Your Shopper is Speaking – Can You Hear Them?

Ratings and reviews data is one of the richest information sources you can get about your brand and your competitors. The problem is that reviews are easy to find but difficult to analyze. How is your satisfaction trending? Is that latest negative review a “blip” or a sign of a product quality issue? Why is that competitive new item selling so well?

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Rating & Review Insights on Demand

and reviews from Amazon, Walmart, and selected DTC website platforms and stores them in BOLD’s data warehouse where they can be further analyzed. We offer several standard reports to our clients as well as custom analyses to address your unique business needs. Reports can be one-offs or available on a subscription basis.


Types of Analyses



This is our standard offering and, for your selected items and time period, shows how reviews are accumulating, the state of your shopper’s satisfaction (point of time and trend), most common terms used in review language, and identifies “suspicious” review activity.


Terminology &
Themes Analysis

This is a deep dive into language combining AI and expert human analysis. Custom thematic analysis provides a more strategic understanding of underlying factors. Your custom recommendation provides advice on content, SEO, product, and marketing.



We have the data, the tools, and the experts all ready to go. Tell us what your ideal ratings and reviews analysis looks like, and we’ll build it to your specifications. We’ve already put the wiring in place and can deliver a very economical solution exclusively for you.

Powered by Smart Tech & Smart People

Manual approaches are too expensive and don’t scale well. AI alone can be efficient but usually fails to provide the needed insights and context to drive good decisions. ReviewBrain® combines the best of both worlds by bringing you proven CPG experts who understand your business and smart, pre-built tools that collect and process massive amounts of data.